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  • Sammy snuggling Harriet after surgery


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for hospice/long term care

    If you received our 2010 annual printed newsletter, you might remember the picture of Sammy and Harriette of House With a Heart on the cover. Sammy is a tiny 13-year-old toy poodle who was surrendered with a harness grown into his chest. Luckily, House With a Heart came to his rescue! We are told Sammy’s hair was so matted around his face that he could not close his mouth and his teeth were a disaster. HWAH’s vet took care of Sammy, his teeth, and he is now a feisty, happy little fellow who delights all! We learned in HWAH's June grant report that their Grey Muzzle grant paid for the medical required to keep Sammy happy and healthy this last year! Grey Muzzle is proud to be able assist dogs, like Sammy, to receive the care they need and organizations, like House With a Heart, who are lovingly willing to provide it!    At right, Sammy being cuddled by Harriette of House With a Heart after surgery to remove an ingrown harness.

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