• Mooter happy in his new home


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

    Mooter, a spaniel mix, spent his nine years of life on the end of a chain, like many other dogs at a rural property in North Carolina. Community Partnership for Pets worked with Grey Muzzle to find homes for Mooter and several other senior dogs from this property. Saint Louis Senior Dog Project took Mooter and three other seniors and provided foster homes. Community Partnership for Pets completed initial veterinary care, and Grey Muzzle provided funding for any additional medical care required. Within weeks, all were adopted through Saint Louis Senior Dog Project.

    Despite living their lives on chains with little human affection, Mooter and his friends have proved to be loving, quiet, and extremely happy companions.

    Mooter's new dad Vince writes: "Mo has enriched our lives every day!!  He loves taking walks and wags his tail from start to finish.  You look into his eyes and you just see that he is content with where his life is now!  Thanks for making our home complete!  Traci and I admit that although Mo is lucky to have us, we are the ones blessed to have Mo in our lives!"


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