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  • Merlin laying down


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

    This month we found out about two new seniors who entered the Permanent Foster program at the Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas (GRRNT), Merlin and Brinkley. Grey Muzzle helps fund this program.

    Merlin's former owner released him to GRRNT at ten years of age because he had no time to devote to the dog.  Merlin had lived outside for the previous five years with no shelter and almost no social interaction.  At intake, veterinarians discovered a huge growth on the inside of his right rear leg.  This growth is painful and affects his mobility, causing awkward movement.  He became a Permanent Foster because of his age and because amputation of the tumor is not an option due to its location.  Merlin is a happy dog despite his pre-rescue neglect and his tumor.  He believes he is a lap dog, despite weighing 85 pounds, and covers people with kisses as he tries to sit on their lap. He also is a good mentor to younger fosters in his home. 

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