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  • Maggie


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical Expense Grant

    Seven-year-old Miss Ivy (now Maggie) came to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue after being placed in a night drop box in an animal shelter. With help from the caring donors who enable Grey Muzzle to provide funding to help homeless dogs get adopted, Ivy's lucky day soon came. When Jody and Bill met her, it was love at first sight. As they looked into her big brown eyes, it was easy to see that she just needed to feel safe and to be part of a family. They wanted to give her everything she didn’t have, and more. Jody and Bill opened their hearts and home to Ivy, and decided to rename her Maggie:

    “Ivy is now Maggie, and we've never met a sweeter dog. As we all watch the Broncos, she burrows into the couch making sure she’s in physical contact with both of us. She ran away five times the first few days, but after reinforcing the backyard fence and, more vitally, assuring her that this is her forever home, we haven’t had a running incident since. Someone did a number on her, though. She seems afraid to bark, and when a stranger approaches, she hopes for a pat but is just a bit leery that she might be hit.

    Our cat is wary of Maggie, even though Maggie is so non-aggressive she would happily cede Alpha Pet status! Maggie loves other dogs and very much enjoys our walks to the dog park where she is a star swimmer and diver. Many thanks to Megan B. for Fostering Ivy/Maggie!”


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