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  • Hope with her adopter, Joanna


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

    Hope spent her whole life in a puppy mill before finding her way to a local Humane Society at the age of eight. She had a dislocated knee and her teeth were so decayed they all had to be extracted. Everyone at the shelter fell in love with this little girl with the big smile - despite her dental detriment. Hope was a trooper and quickly adjusted to their TLC, but the possibility of finding a family willing to adopt an 8-year old toothless dog with a bad knee wasn’t promising!

    Last year  Senior Dogs 4 Seniors took a chance on Hope and steered her into their adoption program. She was quickly placed in a foster home, where unfortunately her knee slipped out of the socket and did not go back in. Hope traveled to several vets for estimates on surgery. Eventually one vet agreed to do it for $600—and Senior Dogs 4 Seniors used their Grey Muzzle grant funds to help. She came through the surgery with flying colors but continued to hold the leg up. Thanks to therapy at Healing Paws Rehab, Hope learned to use her leg again. Reportedly she was so smart that it only two therapy treatments and she was back walking on all fours with a delighted and confident look on her face! 

    Then in July 2012, a match was meant to be for Hope and Joanna, a wonderful woman who found Hope at a Petapalooza Adoption Fair. They were immediately smitten with each other and it was on to a forever home for Hope. Joanna says that Hope has been the perfect lady, loving the attention from her grown children and friends. She even tolerates Jo’s three-year old grandson's quizzical stare at her tongue slipping out the side of her toothless mouth. Her enthusiasm is heartwarming, and when she isn't sleeping she is not-so-patiently waiting beside the garage door in anticipation of a ride. “I still shake my head in wonder that this beautiful animal was available. Hooray, she's my best companion!” Joanna exclaims.

    The Grey Muzzle Organization appreciates the work Senior Dogs 4 Seniors is doing to match senior humans and pets, and our 2012 grant to this wonderful organization provides additional funding for vet care for the homeless senior dogs that they take in.

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