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    Welcome Cassie! Cassie (8-10 yrs) is the first beneficiary of our new funding to Carolina Basset Hound Rescue.  Cassie came in as a stray from a County Animal Shelter and developed a bad case of kennel cough there (always a serious problem for older dogs in a shelter environment).  Now she's doing great thanks to CBHR's vet and a loving foster home.  CBHR says "she's a great ole Southern gal... she's very sweet and smart, and in no sense feeble, but she believes getting there is half the fun, there's no reason to rush.  She has those huge basset feet that mush out when she walks!"  Cassie is showing signs of what might be diabetes or Cushing's disease so we will be paying for further testing for her.

    March 2011 Update

    CBHR sent us this update on Cassie.  "She turned out not to have Cushing's; however, they did discover a neural sheath tumor on her right shoulder, the removal of which would require amputation of that leg.  Because she has a deformity of her left leg, she would be unable to walk.  We decided that the most humane thing to do is keep her on pain meds and let her spend whatever time she has left being loved and cared for by her foster mom.  Thank you for caring for this old girl, CBHR.

    March 2012 Update

    Unfortunately Cassie lost her battle with cancer in 2011. Her foster mom made sure she was comfortable when the time came to send her to the bridge and was with her to let her know she was loved.

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