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  • Buddy dressed up as an Easter bunny
  • Buddy looking fabulous in his sun glasses and fur coat


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

    Sweet, handsome Buddy is a classic example of the uphill battle older dogs face in municipal shelters. Once someone’s beloved household dog, the 10-year-old Pekinese mix was surrendered to a shelter in Stockton, CA, as is often the case when owners decide they are no longer able to care for an aging pet.

    After spending nearly three months in the shelter waiting for someone to come and claim him, Buddy had the good fortune to meet up with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue of San Francisco. When Muttville learned of Buddy’s plight, they took him into their care for closer examination. At some point Buddy had been well cared for, since he was neutered and in relatively good health for his age. But his teeth told a different story. His rotting and malodorous choppers didn’t make it easy for potential adopters to snuggle up to him.

    With help from a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, Muttville was able to pay for Buddy’s dental expenses, including extraction of most of his teeth, follow-up antibiotics and pain medications.

    Buddy was then ready for adoption and soon went to live with foster parents until he met his new forever mom, Maria, a retired teacher. When Maria saw Buddy, she immediately fell for him and wanted to adopt him. She took Buddy home and the doting began. Maria adored the little guy and said people would often ask if Buddy is a show dog when she took him on walks.

    Though he only had about five remaining teeth, he was still a fabulous kisser! Maria and her husband entertained a lot and whereas she used to get hostess gifts of wine or flowers, once she got Buddy she started getting additions to Buddy's wardrobe. He loved to dress up in costumes! He brought much joy to Maria’s life every day.

    Buddy is another wonderful senior dog who got the happy ending he deserved, thanks to organizations like Muttville and Grey Muzzle who believed in giving him a second chance!

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