How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical Expense Grant

    Poor Brianna was found abandoned in the Arizona desert. This sweet, ten-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) had likely been wandering around for at least a week when she was spotted by a Good Samaritan. It was with his help that the local animal control was able to catch her and brought her into the shelter where she sat unclaimed for a while. She weighed a mere 34 lbs. (average female GSP weight is 45-60 lbs.)

    The shelter called Companion Animal Rehabilitation Emergency Medical Fund (C.A.R.E.) to see if they could help. C.A.R.E. works to bring otherwise unadoptable companion animals to an adoptable condition by providing emergency medical funding and assistance to local shelter pets. They have a Senior Animal Wellness Program that Brianna was a perfect candidate for. C.A.R.E. took her in right away and she saw a veterinarian immediately and was put on fluids and antibiotics.

    Brianna got a full blood panel and, remarkably, her bloodwork came back within normal limits. In an area of the Southwest that is very well known for Valley Fever, C.A.R.E. was very relieved. The vet did notice a sunken eye and diagnosed her with Horner’s Syndrome, a common neurological disorder of the eye and facial muscles. Hoping that the eye issue would resolve itself, all Brianna needed now was to gain weight slowly and carefully under hospital supervision.  

    After three weeks at the vet, Brianna had gained 10 pounds, became the unofficial office dog and was loved by everyone at the hospital. The vet staff even took it upon themselves to give her a little basic training and Brianna picked up commands very quickly. They, like C.A.R.E., wanted to give her the best chance at adoption.

    C.A.R.E. received several adoption applications for Brianna, but one stood out from the rest...a woman who already owned another GSP and was very educated on the breed. She drove 50 miles and nearly an hour to meet Brianna and fell in love.

    No one knows how Brianna wound up wandering in the desert, but we all know that thanks to our supporters and lots of kind people working together, she'll enjoy the rest of her life in the comfort of a loving home. These are the moments that we live for.  

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