• Annie and Greg, a perfect match
  • Annie and adopter, Greg


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

    Adorable Annie, as in Little Orphan Annie, an eight-year-old Australian shepherd mix, was completely blind due to painful, uncontrollable glaucoma. Muttville of San Francisco found Annie abandoned in a shelter, completely shut down emotionally. At first, she was deemed unadoptable. Fortunately, someone perceived a glimmer of her strength and true sweetness, and contacted Muttville to see if she could be saved.

    Muttville quickly arranged medical treatment for Annie, and The Grey Muzzle Organization provided a grant to help with her expenses. An ophthalmologist recommended removal of the eyes to alleviate her pain. After the surgery, Annie was placed in foster care with a healthy dose of TLC, where she began to learn to trust that the world could be good again. She stood and wagged her tail when her foster family came home and trailed the other dogs in the house when they went for walks. She was quick to pick up voice commands to help her navigate obstacles and stairs. Then Greg entered the picture. When Greg spotted Annie on the Muttville website, he was immediately smitten and ready to adopt her, despite her blindness, as soon as they met. Muttville volunteers upgraded Greg’s home for Annie’s safety and well-being and advised him on how to help her navigate her new surroundings.

    Annie faced one more obstacle when she needed additional surgery to remove several mammary masses in her abdomen. With Greg’s devoted care, she recovered nicely. Now Annie is in the happiest of places—healthy, well-adjusted and, best of all, beloved. As Greg attests, “People just see her and fall in love. And I love her to death.” Greg and the kind folks at Muttville are grateful for the grant they received from Grey Muzzle that enabled them to give Annie the life she deserves in her final years.
    A perfect match... Annie and Greg couldn't be happier!


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