Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

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The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation (LDCRF) was established in 2001 and has worked tirelessly since to rescue dogs and cats in need from rural shelters, crisis situations, and the threat of euthanasia — and give them loving temporary care until they find homes. For over 18 years, they have remained committed to rescuing animals in need, finding homes for more than 30,000 dogs and cats, and have been forerunners in people-friendly adoption practices like same day adoptions and easily accessible volunteer opportunities. Since their inception, LDCRF has dedicated a portion of all resources to the rescue and care of senior pets.  

Funded in 2019
How we help: 

This grant was made possible by the generosity of Ms. Swanson's third grade class at Discovery Elementary School.

The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will allow the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation (LDCRF) to provide needed bloodwork, dental care and cleaning, and essential medications for senior dogs. This will empower potential adopters to make informed decisions about their ability to provide care for a new family member and have the security of knowing that key elements have already been taken care of. Support from Grey Muzzle will help dogs like Sugar Baby, who was brought to a partner shelter in West Virginia after her owner passed away, and then transported to LDCRF. She arrived with cataracts, periodontal disease, ear infections, skin issues, and spine issues. The veterinary visit LDCRF provided for her also confirmed she had kidney and thyroid issues. Sugar Baby is on ten different medications and special food, at least some of which she will require over the long-term.

Dog's name: 
Sugar Baby
Little dog Sugar Baby