Kane's Krusade

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Kane's Krusade keeps pet families together in the Greater Springfield, Massachusetts area through the distribution of Canine Assistance, Resource and Empowerment (C.A.R.E.) Kits to low-income families at risk of surrendering their dogs due to economic, behavioral and/or housing issues. C.A.R.E. Kits are delivered monthly right to the pet family's home and include food, treats, toys and equipment like crates and leashes. Additional services include spay/neuter, veterinary and vaccination assistance; dog training and tenant advocacy for pet families seeking dog-friendly housing. Kane’s Krusade works with the most vulnerable and underserved in their community - elderly, disabled, veterans and others.

Funded in 2018
How we help: 

The generous grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization will enable Kane’s Krusade to enhance and expand their veterinary assistance services to the senior dogs like Goliath in their Canine Assistance, Resource and Empowerment (C.A.R.E.) Kit program. Goliath is a nine-year-old pit bull mix who lives with his human Gricel, a woman with disabilities. Goliath's first owners were dog fighters and Gricel's son David rescued Goliath when he witnessed the dog being beaten because he wouldn't fight. David convinced the dog fighters to sell Goliath and he has been a cherished family member ever since. Goliath suffers from severe food and environmental allergies which require a special limited ingredient diet which Kane's Krusade is able to provide to keep him with his family.

Dog's name: 
Chocolate brown pit bull  with white paws standing with tongue open on wood floor.
Funded Year: