Humane Society of Warren County

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The Humane Society of Warren County is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing compassionate care to abandoned, abused, homeless, and neglected animals in the community.  They aim to educate pet owners on the importance of vaccinations and population control and to place adoptable pets into loving homes.

Funded in 2016
How we help: 

Grey Muzzle grant funding helps to supplement their Hand in Paw program and Olive’s Fund with a focus on senior dogs.

Hand in Paw provides assistance to pet owners that would like to keep their pets by assisting with routine or emergency medical care, offsetting the cost of medications for senior dogs and covering emergency boarding or pet deposit assistance.
Olive’s Fund allows the shelter to provide senior pets with the medical care necessary to make them more appealing to adopters.  Olive’s Fund also covers the medical costs of hospice dogs in foster care.