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Role Summary: A volunteer graphic designer produces professional quality visuals and creative assets for Grey Muzzle marketing and fundraising campaigns and other collateral in relation to the organization's events and educational materials. You must have access to your own design software and platforms.

Main Activities/Tasks:

  • Create graphics for marketing campaigns
  • Develop banners for website, e-news and social media channels
  • Design and layout of collateral materials such as brochure, annual report, direct mail appeal, etc.
  • Retouch and edit photos
  • Collaborate with Grey Muzzle staff on concepts and strategy

Relevant Experience/Skills:

  • Advanced skills in graphic design and editing
  • Knowledge of marketing and creative best practices
  • Ability to take direction on asset needs from Grey Muzzle staff and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work independently
  • Skills in listening and communicating
  • Positive and supportive attitude with people of all backgrounds and abilities
  • Affinity for senior dogs
  • Ability to represent The Grey Muzzle Organization professionally

Training: All volunteers receive an overview and orientation about Grey Muzzle and will be given a staff point of contact with regular opportunities to discuss their work.

Availability: Volunteer graphic designers are a much-needed resource and can expect frequent requests for help on projects (there are usually needs for creative month-to-month). Volunteers can expect to spend between two and four hours a week on a project.

Additional Information: You retain ownership and all rights to your work and of course may add it to your portfolio. However, by volunteering your time and talent to The Grey Muzzle Organization, you grant Grey Muzzle permission, royalty-free, to publish and promote commissioned assets on our website and social media and to reproduce content for outreach and promotional purposes only. Any content published or reproduced will include graphic design credit as feasible. The Grey Muzzle Organization will not be required to pay any consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such uses.

Main Contact: Abby Ouimet, marketing/communications manager, abby@greymuzzle.org