When Youngsters Champion Seniors, it's a Win for Both

    Receiving generous donations at The Grey Muzzle Organization always fills us with gratitude, as gifts come in from all over the country to benefit senior dogs. But recently, one in particular struck us as extraordinary.

    The gift was from Hunter, a kind and soft-spoken 11-year-old young man who chose to use his allowance to make a selfless monthly donation to Grey Muzzle. Our team was so touched by this thoughtful display of love that we asked Hunter if he’d be willing to share what moved him to support old dogs at such a young age.

    Accompanied by his mom, Sarah, Hunter displayed wisdom and kindness beyond his years in an interview with our board member, Kelli:


    Kelli:  Tell us a little bit about your passion for dogs. Do you have dogs in your family?

    Hunter:  I have two blue heelers. One is three years old and one is 12 years old. I had an English bulldog when I was born who passed away when I was six months old, but we have pictures of him watching over me as a baby.


    Kelli:  What makes senior dogs special to you?

    Hunter:  Older dogs need love too! My older dog needs extra care because stairs are hard for him.


    Kelli:  What made you want to donate to Grey Muzzle?

    Hunter:  Well, I care about dogs so much. I don’t want any dogs to get sick or be in pain. My mom and I did a lot of research, and I have a passion for older dogs so Grey Muzzle was perfect.


    Kelli:  Hunter, we think you are such an inspiration. What would you like other kids to know about supporting causes that they care about?

    Hunter: It’s helpful. It can save lives. I want others to know that it really does make a huge difference!


    Kelli:  It sure does! The only way that we can do the work that we do at Grey Muzzle is through the generous contributions of people like you, and we appreciate donors of all ages. But it is certainly impressive when you are 11 years old and already have such kindness and compassion in your heart. So thank you!

    Hunter: You’re welcome!


    Kelli:  On behalf of the Grey Muzzle team and the thousands of senior dogs everywhere that your generosity helps, thank you for being an amazing inspiration for people of all ages. You let everybody know how a single act of kindness can indeed change the world. So thanks for changing the world for senior dogs, Hunter. And be sure to thank your mom for us, too!

    Sarah: Never did we expect this type of gratitude and I cannot express enough how humbled we are. Hunter’s heart is so big and you all validated something I've known for 11 years but that maybe he didn't even know himself until it was spoken to him in this way. In fact, it meant so much that he told a few family members about the rewarding voicemail from Grey Muzzle and they ended up donating as well! We look forward to being involved in this organization. Thank you for showing my child such love.