• Don Tiedeman
  • Lisa Lunghofer
  • Cheryl Piderit
  • Gail Sigman
  • Liesa Taylor

    Thank You, Our Team of Experts!

    Over the past year, The Grey Muzzle Organization has undergone an exciting period of expansion. The contributions of each and every one of our supporters have been appreciated during this time period.

    I would like to express my gratitude to the team of consultants and advisors who have generously volunteered their time to provide expert guidance and mentoring that assisted the Board of Directors in strategic planning, board development, and budget planning. These individuals include:

    Don Tiedeman withExecutive Service Corps of the Triangle


    Dr. Lisa Lunghofer with Making Good Work


    Cheryl Piderit – Retired Executive with Land Title Guaranty Company

    Gail Sigman with Front Range Executive Service Corps


    Liesa Taylor withFront Range Executive Service Corps


    Under the tutelage of Don, Lisa, Cheryl, Gail, and Liesa, the organization’s all-volunteer board has been able to turn a genuine commitment to providing places of love, peace, and security for homeless senior dogs into a period of remarkable growth and has been set on the path for achieving more growth in the future. 

    The Grey Muzzle Board thanks you and looks forward to your continued guidance and wisdom in the upcoming year.

    Jennifer Kachnic, President