Sweet kids help good old dogs

    Last year, we were invited, with representatives of several other nonprofits, to present to Ms. Swanson's third grade class at Discovery Elementary School in Ashburn, Virginia. The children were researching charitable organizations and ways to help them. Our executive director, Lisa Lunghofer, spoke about The Grey Muzzle Organization and our efforts to help homeless and at-risk senior dogs. A few months later Lisa was invited back to attend a gala reception to celebrate the third-graders' successful effort to collect donations for Grey Muzzle. We had such a great time that we were thrilled to be invited back again this year. Similarly, Ms. Swanson said that many of her students from last year thought the opportunity to share the results of their donation drive efforts directly with the nonprofits they're helping was one of their most meaningful experiences of the school year.

    At the reception - complete with faux champagne toasts! - we listened to the students reflect on their experience, were presented with their collected donations, and talked about the work of Grey Muzzle and what it means to us to have this incredible support from such caring and compassionate young people. The students raised $800 to help senior dogs in need! 

    We were so touched by the thoughts the kids shared about why they chose to help homeless senior dogs. We’re grateful not only for the donations, but for the opportunity to engage these kids with our mission. Many thanks to Ms. Swanson and Discovery Elementary School for inviting us and for instilling the importance of giving back in your students.

    Here is just one of the sweet posters the students created for their donation drive.