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    Grey Muzzle Bestows $45,000 in Grants

    Thanks to the generous support of our donors, in June the Grey Muzzle Board of Directors was able to approve $45,000 of grant funding. This is the largest semi-annual total in Grey Muzzle history!

    In this round of funding, the Board was delighted to support two new grant recipients, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue in California and the Washington (D.C.) Humane Society. Read a blog post from WHS president Lisa LaFonatine about the importance of this grant for its Seniors-for-Seniors adoption program.

    In addition, the Board renewed grants to 13 organizations from 13 states all across the country, including Carolina Basset Hound Rescue, Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue, Greyhound Pets of America in Wisconsin, Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Organization, and Saint Louis Senior Dog Project.

    The Sergey Foundation in Washington State and the HOPE program at the Virginia Beach SPCA, which help senior dogs stay with their owners, also had their grants renewed.

    Read about many of our grant recipients and the wonderful work they do here.