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    Enter Our #GreyMuzzleGratitude Contest

    Share the Joy of Adopting a Senior Dog and Encourage Others to Do the Same

    If you share your life with an amazing aging dog, tell the world how grateful you are for your senior best friend! In celebration of Adopt a Senior Pet Month and the thankfulness of the season, we're asking everyone who adores an older dog (distinguished grey muzzle on full display or not) to help spread the word by sharing #GreyMuzzleGratitude on social media.

    Is your dog the only one that appreciates your off-key singing in the shower? Does your dog hold the top prize in your household for best power nap buddy? Is your dog known for a particular antic that lifts your spirits every time? Whatever their joy-dispensing tricks or quirky traits, we want to know what makes you thankful for your senior dog. Show your appreciation for them by entering our #GreyMuzzleGratitude contest.

    Simply post a photo and brief comments on your choice of social media or in the comments section of our Facebook page with the hashtag #GreyMuzzleGratitude, or submit your entry to info@greymuzzle.org. When you show and tell the world about the joy a senior dog brings into your life, you are helping to inspire others to give a senior dog a second chance.

    You and your dog could be selected as one of ten winners to be posted on our website and receive prizes. And just by sharing your story, you'll be aiding other older dogs who are waiting for the best prize of all: a forever home. Entries featuring senior dogs seeking adopters are also welcome!

    We believe, as you do, that senior dogs are the best. Because of you, we're getting closer to our vision of a world where every senior dog thrives, and no old dog dies alone and afraid. Thank you for opening your heart and home to a senior dog and encouraging others to do the same.

    #GreyMuzzleGratitude Contest Details

    Timing – Entries are welcome between October 28 and 7 p.m. EST on November 17, 2021. Winners will be announced on Grey Muzzle's Facebook page and posted on The Grey Muzzle Organization's website by Thanksgiving, November 25.

    Entries – Each entry should include a photo and comments that show and tell why you are grateful for your older dog and why others should consider adopting a senior dog. Short comments are encouraged and may not exceed 150 words. Post your entry on your choice of social media (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram) with the hashtag #GreyMuzzleGratitude. Please also share your entry in the comments section of The Grey Muzzle Organization's Facebook page, including your dog's name, age, and hometown, along with the hashtag. If you aren't active on social, you can still share your story. Submit a photo and comments along with your dog's name, age, and hometown to info@greymuzzle.org.

    Judging – Decisions will be based on how well the comments and photos represent a senior dog's unique qualities and personality and encourage others to adopt an older dog. Winners will be chosen by Grey Muzzle's executive director and a committee of volunteers with expertise in marketing and media relations.

    Prizes – The top ten winners will receive a 2022 Grey Muzzle calendar full of glorious grins of gratitude from senior dogs.

    The Fine Print – By posting a photo and comments with the hashtag #GreyMuzzleGratitude or submitting photos and comments to info@greymuzzle.org, you permit The Grey Muzzle Organization to use any or all photos and comments in any printed or electronic publication or for media or promotional purposes without further consideration.