Better Together Campaign

    If you share your life with a senior dog, you know that you're better together! But during this month of love, many older dogs are still waiting for their special someone. Together we can change that!

    Our Better Together campaign aims to raise $15,000 by Valentine's Day. And thanks to a generous donor, your donation will be matched!

    As a Valentine's treat for making a gift, Grey Muzzle e-cards featuring sweet senior pups are available to send to friends or loved ones in your life! Melt hearts with this "awww" inspiring gift in their honor. (After making your gift, you can choose and personalize your card!)



    As lifelong best friends, Kermit and Miss Piggy are Better Together!


    Who’s your favorite muppet, Kermit or Miss Piggy? Luckily, you don’t have to choose with this darling pair!


    Miss Piggy is the larger of the duo in both personality and size. She’s an outgoing, gorgeous gal and prefers cuddling to karate chopping.

    Kermit is a wee fellow who loves people but isn’t quite as outgoing as his lady. He may not know how to serenade you with a banjo, but he’ll win your heart with his sweetness.

    These two sweethearts were littermates and had spent their entire lives by each other's side. When they were surrendered by their former guardian to a shelter, their future was suddenly uncertain.

    The shelter reached out for help, and thankfully, our friends at Muttville in San Francisco took Kermit and Miss Piggy into their care.

    Kermit’s medical exam found that he had a life-limiting spinal disease. But thanks to Grey Muzzle funding that supports Muttville's hospice program, he got the palliative care he needed to maintain a good quality of life.

    And because of your generosity, Miss Piggy received the priceless gift of more precious time with her best friend in the whole world!

    Once medically cleared, Kermit and Miss Piggy were made available for adoption. Older dogs can have a harder time getting adopted than puppies, and finding a home for two seniors can be twice as challenging.  

    But with your support, we are changing the perception about senior dog adoption, proving that our older friends are just as worthy of a second chance!

    We're thrilled to say that Kermit and Miss Piggy were adopted TOGETHER and will spend their golden years in a loving home by each other’s side.

    We are so grateful that with your support, Grey Muzzle could help this sweet duo find love again!

    With our 2024 grant awards just a few months away, every dollar we raise means a second chance for more senior dogs. Please help us ensure even more pups like Kermit and Miss Piggy get the care and love they so deserve.

    We can only do it with your help.

    Please make a gift today to keep senior bonded pairs where they belong—together forever!