Connecticut Humane Society

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With three Pet Wellness and Adoption Centers geographically spread across the state, the Connecticut Humane Society enriches the lives of families and communities through adoption services, medical care, education and prevention of cruelty. Thanks to the success of spay/neuter initiatives, the Northeastern US is seeing a dramatic drop in the number of pets entering shelters. While overpopulation was the old problem in Connecticut, the current problem and, one forecasted to continue, is that pets entering shelters have more and more medical needs, especially senior pets.

Funded from 2016 - 2018
How we help: 

Connecticut Humane Society is proud to receive funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization to provide pro bono veterinary services to senior dogs in the care of municipal animal control, and as resources allow, offer medical support for those in the care of private animal shelters and rescues as well. Doing so seeks to alleviate suffering, improve these senior pets’ quality of life, and get them into new, loving homes faster.

Dog's name: 
Black french bulldog with a bottom snaggletooth sitting in grass. Wearing an orange harness with a red leash and looking directly into the camera.