Board of Directors, Treasurer

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Role Summary: The Treasurer is a member of the Grey Muzzle Board of Directors and provides leadership, governance, and oversight to the organization. In addition, s/he has overall responsibility for the integrity of all financial information. 

Main Activities/Tasks:

Requires approximately 5 hours weekly with additional hours during June (annual grant check distribution) and July (preparation of annual budget).

The Treasurer is a member of the Board and fulfills all capacities outlined below for Board members.


  • Attends all meetings and maintains a current knowledge of the organization, its programs, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.
  • Obey duties of loyalty, care and obedience. Respect confidentiality and be mindful of the public’s trust.  Ensure the organization is a good steward of charitable donations and is operating in accord with its tax-exempt status.
  • Bears overall responsibility for the integrity of all financial information.
  • Performs monthly reviews of bookkeeper’s work.
  • Has knowledge of nonprofit accounting practices, nonprofit tax laws and fiscal record keeping. 
  • Signatory for all bank accounts and issues and signs all checks.  Grants access to and manages bank and credit accounts.  Maintains comprehensive knowledge of the organization’s holdings and assets. 
  • Reviews the monthly account records, monitoring income and expenditures, and prepares a monthly report for the Board reflecting this.
  • Responsible for coordination with CPA firm to ensure the preparation and completion of annual tax filing (IRS Form 990).
  • Oversees the annual audit of the organization, providing necessary documents, answering questions and serving as point person through the entire process. 
  • Develops an annual budget for review, monitoring throughout the year. 

Board members are elected for a two-year term, or until a successor is elected, and provide leadership, governance, and oversight by:

  • Attending monthly Board Meetings and providing input and feedback to move the organization forward. Each member stays informed and prepares themselves well for meetings, reviews the agenda and comments on minutes and reports.
  • Serving as a trusted advisor to the ED as s/he develops and implements Grey Muzzle’s strategic plan. Each makes a serious commitment to follow through on chosen tasks that move a segment of the strategic plan towards completion.
  • Reviewing outcomes and measuring performance and effectiveness using metrics identified in the strategic plan.
  • By providing financial oversight as a priority of their role, the Board approves Grey Muzzle’s annual budget and audit reports and stays informed to ensure all legal and fiduciary responsibilities are met. In turn, a Board member considers Grey Muzzle a philanthropic priority and makes an annual gift that reflects that commitment.
  • Providing feedback to assess the performance of the ED.
  • Assisting the ED and Board chair to identify and recruit other Board members as well as building a collegial working relationship with existing members. 
  • Serving actively and willingly on committees or task forces and taking on special assignments, as needed, including fundraising efforts for the organization.
  • Representing Grey Muzzle to stakeholders, acting as an ambassador for the organization.

Main Contact: Denise Fleck, President,