Auburn Valley Humane Society

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The Auburn Valley Humane Society enriches the lives of companion animals and people through animal sheltering, programs, services and community engagement.

Funded from 2017-2018
How we help: 

The Grey Muzzle Organization grant supports Auburn Valley Humane Society’s Public Veterinary Assistance Fund, which provides financial assistance to low income Auburn residents for non-routine medical care of their dogs and cats. This program aims to enrich and maintain the human animal bond and keep loved pets in their homes. The goal is to reduce the risk of unwarranted euthanasia due to the inability of pet owners to fund needed costs for medical care. Grey Muzzle funding is earmarked for dogs aged 7+ whose owners qualify for the program.

Dog's name: 
White dog with tan patch over his eye and tan ears sitting on a tan floor looking straight into the camera.