• tan and red dog with blue bandana

    Two by Two Rescue
    Funded from 2020 to 2023


    Two by Two is a faith-based, no-kill rescue whose mission is to give life to abandoned, abused, stray and distressed animals regardless of age, breed, color, or medical condition. Saving animal lives for more than 20 years, Two by Two has coordinated the rescue and adoption of animals in Alabama, across the United States, and even a few abroad.

    Two by Two is committed to saving as many senior dogs as possible through Mr. Grumplestein’s Legacy, a program named after a senior Chihuahua whose deformed leg, advanced age, and lack of teeth put him at risk in the local shelter. The program will give senior dogs like 11-year-old Sam the second chance they deserve by providing comprehensive medical care, including vaccinations, bloodwork, and any needed medication.