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  • Razz_SICSA

    SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center
    Funded in 2022

    SICSA’s mission is to promote the welfare and adoption of companion animals and nurture loving, lifelong relationships between animals and people. SICSA was established in 1974 as an alternative to the traditional animal welfare system and has served the Miami Valley region in southwest Ohio for nearly 50 years. It offers numerous animal-centered programs and services, including adoption, humane education, low-cost veterinary services, and a help center to divert intake from shelters and keep pets in homes.

    With support from Grey Muzzle, the SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center Safe Pets Program will help prevent the surrender of senior dogs like Razz. When people experience a crisis, their pets are affected as well, and those pets are often at risk of surrender. Senior dogs, in particular, are at high risk for illness and euthanasia in shelters, making it even more important to keep them in their homes whenever possible. When Razz’s owner lost her housing, she was desperate not to lose her dog, too. SICSA placed Razz in a foster home, updated her vaccines, and treated her for an ongoing urinary tract infection. One month later, Razz’s owner found stable housing and was able to be reunited with her companion. Funding from Grey Muzzle will allow SICSA not only to cover expenses for critical medical care for senior dogs like Razz, but will also ultimately allow for these dogs to be reunited with their families.