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Pet Rescue Pilots

small white dog and man in airplane cockpit

Pet Rescue Pilots is a nonprofit organization that helps with the immediate needs of pet relocation by air, while helping shape long-term solutions to manage the increasing number of pets in need of forever homes. With a network of pilots and pet rescue groups going the distance to help homeless pets in need, Pet Rescue Pilots transports pets from overcrowded rural shelters in California and lands them in loving homes up the west coast of the United States and in Canada. As of June 2022, Pet Rescue Pilots has flown more than 117 rescue missions and traversed the equivalent of 7.6 times the earth’s circumference to land more than 2,000 shelter pets in loving homes–and they’re just getting started! With each flight, Pet Rescue Pilots gets closer to their ultimate destination: a world where every pet has a safe and loving forever home, pet guardians have access to affordable resources, and legislation encourages responsible pet guardianship.

Funded in 2022

Support from Grey Muzzle will allow Pet Rescue Pilots to perform a seniors-only rescue mission, flying precious furry passengers eight years of age and older out of overcrowded rural California shelters, where they have less than a 25% adoption rate, and landing them where they belong: directly in loving arms. Funds will cover costs associated with the flight carrying between 20 and 30 at-risk senior shelter dogs like Nell, who found himself in an overcrowded facility in rural California with a slim chance of being adopted. With more families looking to adopt in the Pacific Northwest than pets available in shelters, Nell hopped a flight with Pet Rescue Pilots to Oregon where his forever family was waiting for him on the tarmac. A seniors-only flight will not only land at-risk senior shelter pets in loving homes, but will also raise awareness that senior shelter pets need foster and forever families, highlight the many benefits of welcoming a senior pet into your home, and increase adoptions  of even more senior shelter pets beyond those on this very special rescue flight.