Misty Eyes Animal Center

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Misty Eyes is a 100% volunteer-led animal rescue and humane education center located in Avon, Indiana (just five miles west of Indianapolis). Founded in 2011, it initially took in pets that the county shelter and other local agencies could no longer handle, but has since expanded to work with rural, under-resourced agencies across Indiana that are struggling with pet overpopulation. Many of the pets transferred to the rescue are seniors and animals with medical needs that these shelters do not have the resources to help. Since 2019, Misty Eyes has more than tripled the number of animals rescued and is on track to save more than 1,000 pets in 2022.

Funded from 2020 to 2022
How we help: 

Every year, Misty Eyes Animal Center (aka Misty Eyes) opens its doors to senior pets, many of whom require blood work, dental care, and extensive medical treatment to improve their quality of life. A Grey Muzzle grant will support the care of these senior dogs, improving their health and chances for adoption.

Chloe Misty Eyes