Maui Humane Society

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Maui Humane Society (MHS), the only open-admission animal shelter on the island of Maui, has been in existence for 67 years, working to protect and save the lives of Maui’s animals as well as to support and educate Maui pet owners. MHS programs and services provide care and shelter for Maui’s homeless animals; increase community awareness of the importance of spaying/neutering; make free and low-cost spay/neuter surgeries accessible to the public; prevent animal cruelty and improve animal health and safety through public education; and work to prevent animal relinquishment due to financial hardship. MHS is also committed to helping homeless senior and disabled animals find new forever homes and second chances at life. MHS’ success is reflected in positive changes in community attitudes and behavior toward animals and has resulted in record numbers of lives saved. 

Funded from 2020 to 2022
How we help: 

Maui Humane Society (MHS) is proud to receive a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, whose extraordinary accomplishments of improving the status of senior dogs have served as an inspiration and role model for their efforts to improve the lives of senior dogs on Maui. The funding will be used to provide dental care for senior dogs like Brindi who is partially paralyzed and came to MHS when her owner died.  On arrival, Brindi was listless and unresponsive and her intake form read "euthanasia request."  Fortunately, the MHS veterinarian took matters in hand and removed 22 decayed and broken teeth, leaving Brindi with only two big canines. The veterinary staff then built Brindi a home-made wheelchair out of PVC pipe and caster wheels. But Brindi decided she knew better and refused to use the wheelchair, surprising everyone by pulling herself around using her front legs and dragging the back ones or cruising around in her new stroller. This lucky girl was so irresistible and adorable that she became a staff favorite and ultimately a “foster failure” when her foster mom (also the MHS Development Director) made it official and adopted her. Now healthy and no longer in constant pain, Brindi has the second chance she so richly deserves. She is an example of the senior, disabled and chronically ill dogs that Maui Humane Society is determined to save. 

Brindi Maui Humane Society