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    Humane Society of Summit County
    Funded in 2017


    The Humane Society of Summit County is the trusted caretaker and advocate for the abused, neglected, and abandoned animals of their community.

    Funding from Grey Muzzle supports the Humane Society of Summit County's medical program. This program will address the need to adequately diagnose and treat rescued senior dogs by covering the costs necessary to complete a variety of clinical tests. HSSC is dedicated to providing each rescued animal with skilled, compassionate, and effective veterinary care. Due to their focused mission of rescuing animals from abuse, neglect, abandonment, illness, and injury, the majority of the animals come into their care in desperate need of medical services. With often little to no preventative medical care or adequate veterinary treatment prior to their rescue, these animals require and deserve the best medical efforts to bring them health, comfort, and happiness.

    Lack of care is especially detrimental for senior animals. Without proper veterinary treatment at the onset of common age-related diseases, a senior animal's condition can quickly decline and cause further health issues and diseases. Clinical testing of senior dogs allows their veterinary team to formulate appropriate treatment plans. In addition to informing intervention, this data provides future adopters with a better understanding of the senior dog's condition and ongoing medical needs. With proper care and treatment at HSSC, these senior dogs will have the opportunity to enjoy futures filled with safety and love as members of adoptive families.

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