• Brown golden retriever with crossed paws

    Gold Ribbon Rescue
    Funded 2022-2024


    Gold Ribbon Rescue (GRR) is an all-volunteer organization in Austin, Texas, founded on a dream to provide safe, loving, lifetime homes for golden retrievers in need, regardless of age or medical condition. GRR provides a network for rescuing, sheltering, rehabilitating, and placing golden retrievers in permanent homes in central Texas. GRR also provides public education about responsible dog ownership, particularly the golden retriever breed. Since its founding in 1998, GRR has rescued, rehabilitated, and found forever homes for almost 4,000 dogs, including 64 rescued from dire circumstances in China, Mexico, and Turkey.

    Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization enables GRR to treat periodontal disease in senior dogs, restoring their health, improving their chances of adoption, and improving their quality of life. Grant funds will provide a comprehensive dental exam, blood work, and treatment for old dogs with acute dental health problems. Shiner, an 11-year-old golden retriever, is typical of the kind of dogs that GRR will rehabilitate with Grey Muzzle’s support. When he arrived at GRR, his mouth was in horrible condition, with fractured teeth that were likely very painful. After dental exams, X-rays, blood work, and 18 (!) extractions, Shiner now leads the best, healthy life that any grey muzzle could hope for. His family reports that he is a happy, pain-free, and outgoing fellow who crosses his paws as he surveys the yard in his new home.