• Grey and white Husky lying down

    Fur Ever Yours Dog Rescue
    Funded 2023-2024


    In rural Washington State, Fur Ever Yours Dog Rescue empowers communities to nurture lifelong bonds between people and their animal companions. By offering rehoming services for dogs, cats, and horses and extending a helping hand to pet owners facing challenges, they strive to create a world where every pet has a loving home and every family can thrive together.

    Support from Grey Muzzle will enable Fur Ever Yours Dog Rescue to strengthen its surrender prevention program for senior dogs. The funds will improve the health of senior dogs and help them stay in their loving homes. They will cover medical, dental, and preventative care. Grant funds will also help with emergencies and provide training for dogs with behavioral issues.

    The grant will help dogs like Grandpa Moses, an active and spirited senior husky with a heart full of love. Moses has an injured paw and may be suffering from arthritis. Grey Muzzle's support will ensure he gets the care he deserves.