Found House Interfaith Housing Network

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Established in 2014, the Pet Support Program is a pet shelter within Found House IHN’s Emergency Shelter. It provides a coordinated network of care for people and pets experiencing homelessness or other related crises, with the goal to keep people and their pets safe and together. People have the best outcomes when they can keep their support systems and families intact, staying connected to beloved pets that offer companionship, emotional support, and other health benefits. Animals are best served by staying with humans they love and avoiding surrender to shelters. In 2021, Found House IHN’s Pet Support program lovingly cared for 126 dogs, cats, and small companion pets. More than three in four of these pets were reunited with their owners once they found affordable, pet-friendly housing, and 100% were connected to loving homes.

Funded in 2022
How we help: 

Support from Grey Muzzle will allow the Pet Support Program at Found House Interfaith Housing Network (Found House IHN) to improve the health of senior dogs whose guardians are experiencing homelessness or other related crises. Low-income clients on the verge of homelessness frequently cannot afford needed veterinary care, such as vaccines and dental cleanings. Grey Muzzle funding will help cover these expenses for senior dogs. The grant will help dogs like 12-year-old Petey who arrived at Found House IHN with a heart condition and in need of extensive dental treatment. After receiving care, Petey was placed with a Found House IHN foster family. Most pets at Found House IHN return to their original owners, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Petey’s guardian decided it was best to surrender him. Petey’s foster family adopted him, and he’s now living life to his fullest, which includes conquering all squeaking toys, burrowing under blankets, and chasing those annoying squirrels.

Petey Found House Interfaith Housing Network