Fences for Fido

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Fences for Fido protects dogs from dangerous and inhumane lives at the end of a chain. They build fenced yards that allow dogs to move comfortably; provide warm and protective insulated dog houses; ensure spay, neuter, urgent, emergency and wellness veterinary care; educate with culturally competent empathy; and offer a dog food pantry to fill hungry bellies--all at no cost to needy recipient families. With the help of over 1,000 volunteers, Fences for Fido has unchained 2,870 dogs to date throughout Oregon and Washington.

Funded in 2022
How we help: 

A Grey Muzzle grant is helping Fences for Fido improve the welfare of senior dogs who have only known life on a chain. Funds will be used to construct safe fences, provide insulated dog houses and shade structures, and ensure that senior Fidos get much-needed veterinary care. They will unchain senior dogs like Dina. A good Samaritan reached out to Fences for Fido when they learned that Dina was living outside on a chain 24/7 without appropriate shelter to protect her from the cold. Dina's elderly caregiver simply could not afford it. Fences for Fido stepped in, ensuring Dina had a warm dog house and a secure fence that allowed her to move freely.

Dina Fences for Fido