Animal Fix Clinic
    Funded from 2021-2024


    Animal Fix Clinic is a non-profit veterinary practice at the forefront of the “Access to Care” movement. Specializing in spay/neuter surgeries and other critical surgical procedures for dogs and cats of all ages, the clinic helps keep animals out of shelters and prevents unnecessary euthanasia or surrender due to financial hardships.  


    The Grey Muzzle Organization is pivotal in supporting Animal Fix Clinic’s mission. By subsidizing the cost of surgeries for senior dogs whose families cannot afford them, Grey Muzzle ensures that no pet is denied care due to financial constraints.  

    Sandy, an 11-year-old dog who needed skin masses removed, is one of the dogs helped with Grey Muzzle’s support. Sandy’s family could not afford her surgery, so her veterinarian referred them to Animal Fix Clinic, where she received the necessary treatment thanks to Grey Muzzle. Sandy's family covered part of the cost, and the grant covered the remaining expenses, allowing Sandy to continue enjoying life with her family.