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    Mary Gardner, DVM

    Dr. Gardner loves nothing more than a dog with a grey muzzle or skinny old cat! Her professional goal is to increase awareness and medical care for the geriatric veterinary patient and to help make the final life stage as peaceful as possible, filled with dignity and support for all involved.

    A University of Florida graduate, Dr. Gardner discovered her niche in end-of-life care and is a founder of Lap of Love, which has over 375 veterinarians around the country dedicated to veterinary hospice and euthanasia in the home.

    Dr. Gardner published two books on caring for geriatric pets. "It's Never Long Enough" (dogs) and "Nine Lives Are Not Enough" (cats). She is co-author of the textbook “The Treatment and Care of the Veterinary Patient” and co-author of a children’s activity book focused on saying goodbye to a dog called “Forever Friend.”