• Heart of Gold Kids with Luna
  • Amanda with Rudy

    Amanda Grant

    Amanda started volunteering with Grey Muzzle in 2014 while living in NC, inspired by her senior Chihuahua, Rudy. Being on the grant review team fueled her interest in using her writing skills and English degree in the non-profit world, and she accepted a more permanent position in 2018. She is honored to be part of the Grey Muzzle team, and hopes to continue to gain experience in administration and grant writing to support this organization and non-profit organizations for years to come.

    Grey Muzzle's staff not only believe in Grey Muzzle's vision they live its mission. Get a glimpse into what inspires Amanda to be a change agent on behalf of senior dogs.

    How does your day-to-day life reflect Grey Muzzle’s mission?

    As a family with young children, it was important to my husband and I to show our girls that ALL dogs deserve a happy home, and that a puppy was not the right fit for our family. Luna’s low-key senior energy works really well with our family dynamic – she is not bothered by being left alone while we jet off to school drop-off and pick-ups, or sports practices, or birthday parties. She is a proud example of ‘age-is-just-a-number’ as she trots along on walks. We enjoy advocating for senior dog adoption – giving ALL dogs a chance – when talking amongst peers, who so often seem to think that a puppy is the only choice for a young family.

    What about Grey Muzzle’s work most excites you? 

    I have been a part of Grey Muzzle’s staff since 2018, and it’s been truly exciting to see the huge strides we make yearly. From modernizing and diversifying our grantee pool (with new focuses on keeping senior dogs in homes and diversity, equity, and inclusion) to introducing monthly webinars to the public covering all sorts of senior dog topics (from all aspects of pet health, to reiki/ massage/ aromatherapy, and topics that benefit pet parents, too, like hospice care and pet trusts). As the only senior dog-specific national organization, it’s so important for us to continually develop the latest information and to share publicly how to best support our companions through their golden years.

    What makes being part of Grey Muzzle so meaningful to you?

    I was inspired to join Grey Muzzle as a volunteer in 2014 as the pet parent of a 14-year-old chihuahua, Rudy. Rudy was given to me at the age of 10. I had no idea what to expect from a 10-year-old dog, but quickly found that Rudy still had plenty of love to give, and plenty of spunk to show off! Rudy lived to be just shy of 18, and, when my husband and I decided to adopt again, our hearts met another senior chihuahua. Luna is also estimated to be around 10, and is even more playful than Rudy was! Now, as a staff member, it’s a joy to experience being a senior dog parent while being immersed in the research and innovations in pet health and care, and networking with supporters who share my passion.

    (Rudy passed away in Nov 2017, 1-month shy of his 18th birthday. Amanda dedicates her work with Grey Muzzle to his memory.)