Val and Buddy

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How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for hospice/long term care

Two beauties in the senior spotlight, though not found together, were taken in by the same foster mom after Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay (DRTB) intervened and helped revive these speckled charmers. Val, approximately 12 years old, was abandoned, tied to a tree in a backyard in Georgia, apparently left there to die. Hearing-impaired and with sight in only one eye, she was discovered by a local resident who contacted DRTB about saving this sweet girl. The rescue group took her in, arranged for transport and got her to a local vet. Val also had fleas, skin lesions and hair loss. Treatment started immediately and had a positive impact. She has filled out and recovered nicely--now a happy, content little girl after being adopted by a wonderful foster mom. Her "good eye" has started to cloud over but her mom reports she gets around with minimal problems. Update: November 5, 2011 - Sadly, Val crossed the Rainbow Bridge - after spending her last days in comfort and joy, much-loved in her cozy home rather than alone in a shelter.  

Buddy A neighbor discovered 10-year-old Buddy and another canine friend forsaken in a garage in Miami, without food or water, and broke down a door to get to them. Buddy was emaciated and had a large, non-cancerous growth on his lower jaw that DRTB had removed. Eventually Buddy got a clean bill of health and his foster mom picked him up to take him to his new home where he settled in. Now 13, Buddy is a handsome boy who loves to be petted and chase pesky squirrels! He follows his foster mom all around and when she returns home after being away, he greets her with the biggest smile. The Grey Muzzle Organization assisted with funding for treatment of both seniors and helped obtain medications, including Rimadyl and Joint Max, to ease their old-age aches and pains. Val and Buddy with their gang of Dal-Pals, all fostered in the same home.


Val and Buddy with some dalmation pals
Val and Buddy with some dalmatian pals