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Tinker the sassy Schnauzer
How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

She may be blind and have some other issues but Tinker, an adorable senior Miniature Schnauzer, doesn't let that slow her down one bit! The Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, Pennsylvania, took her in when her owner died and the family could not care for her. Grey Muzzle helped revitalize the eight-year-old female by supplying a grant for a wellness exam, senior blood work, medications and insulin needles, and getting her ready to go to a new home. She's now a very happy girl living with her foster family and loves to cuddle with her favorite partner, a kitten! She's also quite fond of the neighborhood children and is ecstatic when they pay attention to her. And independent girl, Tinker is content when she's left alone but really comes alive when people are around.  She dances around when she hears the can opener churning with her diabetic prescription food. By doctor's request, Tinker lost a lot of weight in her foster mom's care and is now a healthy 17 pounds, but requires daily insulin injections. Her diabetes is closely monitored by the vet as she tends to have sugar fluctuations. Her foster mom is so proud of her. When they started going for daily outdoor walks, Tinker quickly mapped out a path and has had very few mishaps. She's a very sweet girl who tries hard to please! Grey Muzzle is glad to have played a part in Tinker's happy ending.