Sweet Pea

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Sweet Pea Playing in the Grass
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How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for hospice/long term care

Sweet Pea, a 14-year-old Dachshund, arrived at Central Texas Dachshund Rescue (CTDR) with a heap of heartworms. Thanks to a grant from Grey Muzzle, she was treated for heartworms with steroids but unfortunately developed diabetes as a rare side effect of the treatment. Her blood sugar went so high she was in a coma for a short period of time. CTDR stood by her and saw her through nonetheless, and according to Sweet Pea’s foster mom, “She is just one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet!”

She is now heartworm-free and her blood sugar is under control with two small injections of insulin daily. Unfortunately, with the diabetes came diabetic cataracts that left her completely blind. But that doesn’t bother her one bit. She finds her way around the house and even out—and back in—the doggie door with help from her foster brothers and sisters. And she always finds her way to the kitchen when she it’s mealtime! When it’s time for her insulin injections she comes running because she gets a carrot stick at the same time. Sweet Pea needs special monitoring during routine dental cleanings and must have regular "glucose curve" tests to be sure her blood sugar is under control. She enjoys a special homemade diet that keeps her blood sugar at the proper level. She loves to burrow into blankets and especially enjoys a good belly rub. She eagerly barks and jumps up over and over at chow time until she gets her food.

Grey Muzzle has been supporting CTDR's hospice and long-term foster care program since 2008 and is thankful that organizations like CTDR are willing to take in dogs that may not easily be adoptable. And CTDR is appreciative of Grey Muzzle’s help with these extra expenses for this sweet little lady who’s been given a second chance at a happy life!

Sweet Peat Snuggling in her Bed