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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

The mission of Tyson's Place Animal Rescue is to assist terminally ill people with finding new families for their pets. That's how Suzie ended up at Tyson's - her owner passed away at the age of 94 and so Suzie found herself looking for a new home. 

She is such a wonderful, little girl! Her sweet personality clearly shows how much she was loved. Suzie is one cool dog - her owner taught her to sit, dance and even give high fives! Suzie actually bounds with joy on a leash and loves going on car rides with the windows down. She is a few pounds overweight due to a few too many human snacks in her previous home, but she's working on cutting down her weight with a proper diet. She also loves to nest and will create a nest in extra blankets or sheets. Suzie has her own stuffed animal "babies" that she loves as well.

Thanks to a grant from Grey Muzzle, Suzie got bloodwork to make sure she was healthy enough for spay surgery. During her spay, a mammary tumor was discovered and removed and sent for testing. The tumor was benign, and Tyson's Place is grateful to give her adopter the clean bill of health. Suzie also received vaccinations, a microchip, and extensive treatment for allergy issues on her feet and persistent ear infections, so she is completely healthy for her adoption, which just recently happened. Her adopter is a school teacher looking for a constant companion in his life, and Suzie will be able to go on his journey with him.


Thanks for making sure dogs like Suzie have a safety net when they need it.