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How we helped: 
Grant to keep senior pets in homes

Sophie is a nine-year-old Golden Retriever who developed a large tumor on her paw that was growing rapidly. Without surgery, she would inevitably lose her paw and, possibly, her life. Working with Second Chance Animal Hospital in Springfield, MA, Sophie's family, who was facing financial hardship, qualified for a discounted surgery. However, even with the discount, her family was only able to come up with a portion of the fee. Second Chance reached out to their partner and our grantee Kane's Krusade to explore any financial assistance they might offer. 

Thanks to their grant from Grey Muzzle, Kane's Krusade was able to say YES and pay for a portion of the surgery cost ensuring Sophie would receive the surgery she desperately needed. Working together, they were able to keep this sweet senior in her loving home, give her the care she needed and prevent another good, old dog from entering a shelter due to financial limitations and veterinary costs.

Here's how you can help more seniors like Sophie keep their families in tact.