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schnauzer on a leash ready to go home
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

scruffy unkempt schnauzer
Super senior, Shorty, an 18-year-old miniature schnauzer, was surrendered to Sacramento SPCA because his previous owner said he was “too old and sickly." He had alopecia, an auto-immune disorder that makes fur fall out, and his face and head were matted and dirty. He was also in desperate need of a dental cleaning. 

Upon further examination by the SPCA team, Shorty was also found to be in the early stages of kidney failure, and was placed in the Pawspice Program. Thanks to your support, a Grey Muzzle grant funds care for animals with terminal conditions but high quality of life, helping them to stay in loving homes until it’s time to cross the rainbow bridge.

Shorty was matched with a foster and received soothing baths to help his skin and fur. Feeling better, his true personality came out! This “too old” super senior still had plenty of spunk and love to give. His foster parent shared: "While he shows signs of his age by how much he sleeps, Shorty is still spunky and craves attention! He will follow you from room-to-room and nap right near you."

Soon after, Shorty found his new forever family. The Pawspice Program will provide them with prescription dog food, regular exams, and senior bloodwork to ensure Shorty stays comfortable for the remainder of his life.