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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Stephen R. contacted the Humane Society of Western Montana in November 2015. He was unemployed and living with a friend, yet his own needs were not his top priority. Stephen was desperate to find help for his 7-year-old Boston Terrier, Roxy. Roxy needed her eye removed because of a possibly cancerous tumor. Through the financial support from the Grey Muzzle Organization, made possible by our generous donors, the Humane Society of Western Montana was able to help Stephen’s most loyal companion. Roxy’s surgery was a success, and Stephen couldn’t tell us enough how happy Roxy is now…and how happy Stephen is too:

Dear Grey Muzzle Organization,
Thank you so very much for helping me afford the eye removal surgery for my Boston Terrier “Roxy.” She is one of the most gentle, sweet, and loyal companions I have ever had and it broke my heart that she was in so much pain and discomfort due to her diseased eye, and that due to my limited resources I was unable to do anything for her. I am forever grateful to your foundation and the Humane Society of Western Montana for making it possible for me to give back to one who has always shown me unconditional love and unfailing loyalty.
Thank you, Stephen R.

Roxy healing well after her surgery.