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Rosie being held and smiling
How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Poor little Rosie—Grey Muzzle is so glad we were able to play a part in her story. The extra effort Last Hope made to reach out for this old, shy dog is one of the reasons we’ve given them a grant to help senior dogs for the last three years. Rosie, an 8-9 year-old petrified Pomeranian mix, was one of 115 dogs, meagerly existing without social contact or even water, seized from the huge home of a dermatologist and his wife in September 2010. More dogs were found dead in the house. Dogs were temporarily housed in a triage hospital van belonging to the SPCA but no medical services, such as vaccines or heartworm tests, were given. Last Hope Animal Rescue chose five of the dogs to rescue as fosters. A full medical evaluation was performed on each one. Sweet Rosie was selected because she was older than most of the other dogs, and extremely timid. A Last Hope member fostered Rosie for several months and slowly drew her out of her shell. The dogs, even the young ones, had terrible teeth. Rosie needed medical screening, vaccines and several tooth extractions at the time she was spayed, made possible by a grant from Grey Muzzle. Once she was on the road to good health, Rosie was even luckier—she was adopted and is now snuggled into her forever home—and feels five years younger!