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How we helped: 
Seriously Senior Dogs Grant

Rimsky, a 12-year-old Miniature Pinscher, has always had bad teeth. Even after a teeth cleaning a few years ago, his mouth was still very smelly and it gradually got worse. For the past two years, he has not been active or his usual happy self. His owner Anami said, "The smell from gum disease would fill a room."

Anami, is an older, woman on a low, fixed income, due to health issues. She was also a lava evacuee (from the Kilauea volcano) living on Hawaii Island. She had to stay at the Red Cross Emergency Shelter with her four dogs after she was forced to leave her home due to high concentrations of sulfur dioxide and volcanic ash. She asked several animal rescue agencies to help Rimsky and was turned down. In the meantime, Rimsky was getting worse. He would claw at his mouth and yelp if she touched it. Rimsky's gum disease had affected his left eye and it was sinking in. Anami knew that his issue was killing him, but the expense of comprehensive dental work was too high for her. 

She then came across Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary and requested help. This year, Rainbow Friends received the Seriously Senior Dogs Grant - a partnership between Grey Muzzle and House with Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. Thanks to the funds, Rainbow Friends was able to help!

Finally, the day of his dental arrived. Rimsky had all but two tiny teeth removed and was given antibiotics for infection.

The results were immediate and incredible. Rimsky's old personality was back, his eye got better and he wanted to play play play. He was no longer bloated. And he smelled wonderful.

Anami wrote to Rainbow Friends, “Thank you Rainbow Friends, Mary Rose, Kathy and all the volunteers who work tirelessly to help the little innocents. You saved Rimsky’s life. I am so very very grateful to you.”

And we're grateful to you for supporting at-risk senior dogs when they need us most.