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Riley sticking her tongue out
How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Smiley Riley reigns at her new home now, but she had a tough early life. Riley was originally rescued at the age of two from a home that used her to breed puppies. She had been abused and suffered a broken tail, and at some point was hit in her face, causing damage to her jaw and peripheral vision issues. Also, her tongue hangs out sometimes (which truly only adds to her charm!). For several years, Riley lived with children and other dogs and cats until her owner, financially strained, had to give her up when she was eight.

When St. Louis Senior Dog Project took her in, they found she was heartworm positive. Grey Muzzle assisted with her heartworm treatment, shots, bloodwork and urinalysis--resulting in one healthy senior dog! Riley was adopted in April 2012 by a wonderful family with a sizeable fenced-in yard. She met the family's other dog, a puppy mill rescue, and they hit if off immediately. Up until then, attempts to housebreak the puppy had failed, but Riley stepped in and trained her new buddy in no time!

Riley with her family
Riley and her new family, including her special dog buddy!
One of the first organizations to benefit from Grey Muzzle grants, SLSDP has received over $11,000 in funding since 2008. We are delighted that we've been able to help them each year, thanks to the generosity of our donors. 

Riley staring at the camera