Pixi and Hefeweizen

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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Snort! That’s how we English Bulldogs say hello (and goodbye, and what’s for dinner, etc.) Let me tell you a little about me. I’m Pixi, an 8 year old gal. My job from the time I was young was to make puppies for people called “breeders.” I was a good girl and made lots and lots of puppies for them, and I have to say, that they were all adorable. But now, while I think 8 is a great age, it’s a little old to be a new mom again. A nice lady convinced the breeder to let me and my buddy Hefeweizen (Hefe) live with her.

Did I mention that I live in Alaska? I don’t know how much you know about Alaska, but it’s cold. The nice lady fixed us so we couldn’t have any more puppies, but the only space she had for us was in her barn.  Brrrrrrr…it’s hard to snort when your teeth are chattering. She knew that wasn’t going to work long-term. Desperate to find a better situation for me and Hefe, she placed an ad on Alaska's Craig's List. Amazingly, an English Bulldog rescue in Vermont found us! I’m told that’s all the way across the country! The nice people in Vermont wanted to rescue us, but the airlines refused to fly us. I don’t know if they thought we were too old or didn’t liked the way we looked. Either way, Vermont English Bulldog Rescue connected with Kitty and K-9 Connection (in Alaska) requesting assistance for us and Kitty and K-9 Connection took us in right away!

Our very first stop was a vet. I guess you won’t be surprised to hear that we both needed a little tune-up.  Thanks to a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, we have sparkling teeth and fresh breath! The vet people say I have dry eyes and some skin issues, but I sure feel better than I did!

Hefe found his new family first. I had to wait a few more weeks, but in the meantime, I stayed with really nice people called fosters. Now, Hefe and I are living great lives filled with doggie treats and people who love us...forever. Thank you to everyone for helping us.