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How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Nolan is a nice, older dog who was left behind in an empty house when his former humans moved out. He was picked up by animal control where he was near the top of their list for euthanasia. He was horribly matted when he came to Saint Louis Senior Dog Project (first picture). They were not even sure whether this dog was a boy or a girl!

After being shaved down, Nolan is much more comfortable. Under all those mats, the Senior Dog Project found a lot of spots! They estimate Nolan's age at 10 or 11. His medical care, including vaccinations, heartworm test, dental, and blood work will be paid for by Grey Muzzle.

March 2010

Nolan has been adopted by a caring lady who has plans to put him on a special diet for his joints. He will be retiring with another senior dog to show him the ropes!