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Nolan, a hound mix
How we helped:
Senior Therapy Dog grant

Adorable Nolan, a sweet-natured 10-year-old Hound mix, was found on the streets of Ohio and rescued by The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs. Sporting long legs and a crooked smile, Nolan quickly endeared himself to everyone he met. He’s a born entertainer! His goofy face and cartoon-character antics seemed a natural fit for building a new life as a therapy dog. Though he was in poor general health when rescued, Nolan wasn’t about to give up and showed what a tough old dog he is by surviving both a gastric torsion and a nearly fatal cervical disk injury that caused temporary paralysis. Grey Muzzle helped with Nolan’s medical expenses for the Senior Dog Therapy program and eventually a restored Nolan was on his way to greatness.

Currently in therapy dog training, Nolan is struggling a bit because he is so exuberant and is resistant to leash restraints. He most likely had never been on a leash before coming to the Sanctuary. So he’s working hard on his manners, learning to walk on a leash and visiting and cheering seniors during his training period with his comical ways and loving heart. All who meet him agree: Nolan is an absolute joy to be around. Grey Muzzle is happy to have helped save this magnificent senior dog who still has so much to give!

Check out a couple of Nolan's professional portraits, courtesy of The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs. Nolan, you gorgeous guy!

Nolan, wearing a baseball cap