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How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

The Cumberland County SPCA in New Jersey received a new grant in June for their Red Collar Society for Seniors. They told us about one of the first grant beneficiaries, Monte. Monte is a 10+ year-old miniature pinscher mix, found wandering the streets and brought in by a Good Samaritan. While he is mostly blind, underweight and battling an infection, he has settled nicely in his foster home, where he is being treated medically and taking supplements to help him gain weight before he is available for adoption.

November 2010
Monte is adopted!  Using their Grey Muzzle grant, the SPCA was able to determine that Monte was diabetic and start him on appropriate treatment - soon he was gaining weight and thriving.  The SPCA tells us:  "Monte is in the arms of his new family, who fell in love with him immediately.  His new dad is a diabetes expert and his new mom is his snuggling buddy.  He is best friends with the 15-year-old Min Pin in his new home too.  His new name is Cooper and he is happy and well-cared for.  He is bringing lots of love and laughter to his amazing new family and we are so glad they found each other.  Thank you Grey Muzzle for allowing us to help Monte find his happy ending!"