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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Meechi, a loving and shy female medium-size mixed breed, came to Animal Rescue, Inc. as an owner surrender through their Crisis Intervention Program, which provides supportive services to pet owners and their pets in times of hardship. Although the goal of the Crisis Intervention Program is to keep the all-important human-animal bond intact, sometimes it’s not possible, and Meechi was one of those times – her caretaker had to go into a nursing home.

Meech, as she was often affectionately called, arrived at Animal Rescue, Inc. with mammary tumors and cherry eyes and was treated for both conditions. That same month, Meechi was turning Sweet 16 and she had one simple wish:  a new home for her birthday.

Two staff at ARI stepped in to help Meechi’s wish come true. They sent out an e-newsletter with the creative subject “Nice to Meech You!” to make sure everyone was curious enough to open their email. The message told their supporters how much this older gal was hoping for a forever home in time to celebrate her big day. They also pointed out that although Meech had a few controlled medical issues that outline the rough life she had before coming to ARI (cherry eyes and the lumps and bumps that come with old age) – Meechi has a lot to offer, though she kept getting overlooked for younger, healthier dogs.

Meechi is cute, calm and enjoys slow walks and relaxation. She's over the puppy craziness and is comfortable in her own skin. Plus, she would be fine with other dogs, especially a laid-back canine companion. All this beautiful girl was looking for was a nice bed and a forever family.

Well, thanks to their creative marketing, Meechi got her birthday wish! A wonderful family who adopted other dogs from ARI in the past fell in love with Meechi (of course!) and adopted her in time for her to celebrate her 16th birthday in her new forever home, complete with, you guessed it, a laid-back canine companion (Cody, a former ARI resident) and a nice, comfy bed.

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